Friday, November 16, 2001

Well, TBTH murdered tea again, and just about took me and Sinners out with it.
Sinners and I are really hacked off with that "human" (and I use that word most reluctantly) that we are forced by law to live with, by the unfortunate circumstance of being 13 and 12 years old respectively. She was in a horrible mood all day because some poxy civil servant won't do whatever the hell it is she wants. So, I ask you, why should we be made to suffer? She hasn't made me tea, nor fed Sinners, and that should get her arrested for cruelty to our stomachs, if there was any justice in the world.

Except that maybe cooking us tea would be even crueller, the way she cooks. I don't know if what she does qualifies as cooking. Throw a few unrelated ingredients in the pots, cover with water and boil the hell out of them for 55 minutes while she chats away on AIM. No salt. The resulting pap is served with a fake French name which, believe me, does not make it edible.

I am trying to think of a way to teach her a lesson. Sinners says we should poison her. And I would, except I am only 12 years old and I don't know where to get poison. Just because Sinners is a black cat, does not make me a witch :-( and I cannot just toss a few toads into a cauldron and whip up a potion or two. I said she should scratch The Barely Tolerated Human (hereafter referred to as TBTH) to death, but Sinny just yawned and said it would be too hard on her claws.